Welcome to Barrington

Barrington is a dedicated mining company that resides within the Republic of Lorell. 

Our company employs pilots, mining specialists, cargo haulers, refueling crews as well as

Pilots and crews for deep-space exploration.

Citizen Con 2017 Presentation

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Live action filming for Squadron 42.

Barrington's fleet of ships

Large Scale Mining

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Barringtons current fleet of 5 Orion Mining Platforms will be used to bring all desired ore to markets throughout the universe.

Single-Pilot Mining

Barrington has a fleet of 4 MISC Prospectors that will mine on smaller scale but will work together with our Hull B's for getting ore to distant markets.

Hull C Cargo Transportation

Our customers are raving about us on stellar social media! Our Hull C's have been making dedicated hauling runs from our Orion's to markets in record times.

AEGIS Reclaimer

Nothing can be sweeter than stumbling across someone else's misfortune. Our Reclaimer dissects damaged ships and processes the scrap for resale.


Although Barrington's mainly about Mining and industry, we also delve into deep-space exploration using our ANVIL Carrack.

Fueling the fleet

Somebody has to keep the fleet moving and the crew of our Starfarrer does just that. Always on the move and forever busy, the crew of this ship gets to see it all.


To work for barrington

Join the Republic of Lorell!

Barrington is a business and resides within the Republic of Lorell, which is inside the Online game Star Citizen. To work for Barrington you must first be a citizen of Lorell. Lorell is a group of citizens who have banded together, broke away from the UEE and started a life on their own.

Life in Lorell

Lorell is growing daily. The Republic has its own military branch that watches over the common citizens and their everyday daily routines. Non-military citizens work through employment made available by any of the republics many companies.

Lorelli Military

As a citizen of Lorell you may either join the military or just be a common citizen of the republic. 

The military protects the citizens of the republic. They never go to war without authorization from the those within the governing body of the government.

How to join Lorell

Follow the link to their RSI page and follow the instructions provided.

RSI Lorell page.

Lorell website

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